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from around the World


Indo-Persian Swords - Rm 1 Indo-Persian Swords - Rm 2
Indo-Persian Swords - Rm 3 Unknown Swords & Daggers - Rm 4
European Swords - Rm 5  Short Swords - Rm 6
U.S. Swords - Rm 7 Daggers - Rm 8
African Weapons - Rm 9 Other Weapons - Rm 10



LEGAL DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY FOR SALES OF ANY ITEMS THAT are PROHIBITED by State or Foreign Country Laws.  It is the responsibility of the Buyer to know & determine if it is legal for these Items to be shipped to their Destination.  These Item are sold Strictly for Display and / or Collecting purposes Only.  Regarding Swords, Knives, and all other  weapons:  Absolutely NO SALES to anyone under the age of 18 years old!  Buyer will need to mail a copy of their Driver's License (date except year can be blackened out), along with their payment to be filed for the transaction.  This is the Law, and we comply.  Buyer of  'Edged' Weapons assumes full responsibility for compliance with local laws regarding the purchase and possession of these types of Items or any other that are prohibited. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES: who prohibit the purchase of our Items by their Citizens... we request that You 'Block' our Website to prevent Your Citizens from viewing it in Your Country.  We, the Citizens of The United States have no way of knowing Your current or pending Laws that prohibit your Citizens from Freedom of Choice and Pursuant of Happiness by Purchasing our Items.


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