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LARGE & MASSIVE, ANTIQUE, CAUCASIAN, KINDJAL SWORD & SCABBARD ~ Dates from the early 19th Century and is also known as a Qama ~ Mounted with a Double-Edge Blade that Measures 21-3/4 inches in length by 2 inches at the Widest, and has survived in Very-Nice Condition ~ The healthy Horn Grips are Steel Riveted and wear wonderfully detailed Riveted Heads ~ The Wooden scabbard is nicely Leather Covered and remains healthy as well ~ Overall Measuring 30-1/2 inches in length ~ ITEM # wea-263 ~ ($1,000.)  ~  Additional Photos Provided Below ~


UNIQUE & UNUSUAL, ANTIQUE, INDO PERSIAN 'Rotating-Flange-Head' MORNING STAR / MACE ~ It is unusual in that each side of the SEVEN sided mace is individually articulated in its own movements, so that the Blades move freely back & forth (side-to-side), when it is swung about ~ It creates a very unique effect, that are not featured on other Morning Stars / Maces ~ The condition is good and it is solid taking into account its particular feature ~ There are etchings throughout the piece as well on each of the flanged sides and also along the handle ~ Measuring Approximately 27 inches long, with 3-1/2 inch Diameter Rotating Flanged-Bladed Head, with a 3 inch long 4-Sided Spike mounted on the tip~ ITEM # wea-259 ~ ($1,500.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


AUTHENTIC, OLD, IRON CALTROP 'ANTI-CAVALRY' & 'ANTI-INFANTRY' DEVICE - Measuring 3-1/4 inches wide x 2-7/8 inches high  ~ ITEM # mi-252 ~ ($150.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below


 OLD, IRON CALTROP / TRIBULUS / MUREX FERREUS ~ Measuring 2-1/2 inches x 3-1/8 inches ~ ITEM # mi-253 ~ (150.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~

NOTE:  It was recorded by Quintus Curtius (IV.13.36), that Iron Caltrops were used by Alexander the Great at the Battle of Gaugamela in Persia as early as 331 BC. ~ Also being recorded that Caltrops were used in the Battle of Carrhae in 51 BC. Caltrops were part of defenses that served to slow the advance of horses, war elephants, and human troops. Dreaded enemy chariots were rendered useless when the horses that pulled them were totally disabled by severe injuries created by these simple, 4 prong destructive devices. At the Battle of Nisibis (217 A.D.), the Roman Infantry was confronted by Parthian Lancers riding Dromedary Camels. After suffering significant casualties, the Roman Legions halted the Camel Cavalry Assault with extreme efficiency by rendering the Parathian's mobility to a complete standstill with a field laden with Caltrops. Thousands at a time could easily be catapulted into & in front of enemy lines by use of Onagers causing injury and death by making direct 'in-flight' contact (such as a blast from a huge shotgun), and the Caltrops that fell to the ground most likely claimed their victims just a short time later... as no matter how they landed... one of the four sharp-tipped spikes would always point upwards... to impale the foot of an unlucky foe... with the remaining three prongs sticking securely into the ground providing a solid, stable base. Caltrops in the event of charging horses, camels or elephants, would most likely result in a fall, which could be fatal to beast and rider. Night raids by enemies were prevented by sowing the surrounding areas of the camps with Caltrops before night fell. Caltrops were not invented by the Romans, but they were made infamous by them. Easy & Inexpensive to produce, Caltrops were known to widely demoralize enemy troops and impede their advances due to knowledge of there previous use. Even though immediate death was unlikely, infectious wounds resulting from Caltrops undoubtedly took there toll days later as the wounds were almost impossible to heal properly. 


EXTREMELY RARE, HUGE, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, European ELEPHANT 'Take Down' 8-FLANGE, BATTLE MORNING STAR / MACE ~ Supposedly used by a Combatant on the ground to strike War Elephants on the knees bringing them down along with the on-board Archers and riders ~ Could also have been used in battle combat by a strong enough warrior. This Battle Mace is exceptionally heavy, and has very sharp spikes pointing in all directions on the vertical sections of the 8-Flange Head. Very massive and exceptionally destructive in the strong hands of a larger than average warrior. Solid steel construction with no breaks and no losses, with a hollow shaft for reduce of weight, all exhibiting heavy patina and fine pitting throughout (reddish-orange residue on item is mineral deposit on the iron, and most likely can be removed if desired) ~ Measuring 40-1/4 inches Overall ~ Head including top spike measures 12-3/4" ~ Weighs 7 to 7-1/2 Lbs. ~ ITEM # wea-250 ~ ($3,500.) Additional Photos Provided Below ~


LARGE & MASSIVE, INDO PERSIAN BATTLE AXE ~ with Large 7-5/8 inch x 6-1/4 inch Hand-Forged Blade embossed with Various Designs on Both Sides ~ with 39-1/4 Inch Long Handle that is Heavily-Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl & Koftgari Inlay ~ with 6-1/2 inch Long Tapered Spike Tip on end ~ ITEM # arm-108 ~ ($1,500.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


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