Weapons - Room 2


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AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO PERSIAN, FIRANGI SWORD with Khanda-Style Basket-Hilt with an Extended Pommel Spike for 2 Handed use ~ with remnant of muslin wrapping on grip ~ (NOTE: "Firangi" means Foreigner/Foreign in which the Blade of this type of Sword was usually made from a European Sword Blade captured in battle or acquired through trade) ~ Measuring Approximately 45-1/4 inches long, with a 36 inch long straight, Cutting and Thrusting Blade ~ ITEM # wea-083 ~ ($450.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


MASSIVE, MAGNIFICENT, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, SILVER-INLAID, INDO-PERSIAN, TULWAR SWORD with KILIG BLADE ~ The Massive, Solid Steel Hilt is Entirely Inlaid with Intricate Fine-Silver-Koftgari, and is Mounted with a 3-3/4 inch Diameter,  Decorative Pommel Disc that is Finely Inlaid with Silver on the top and bottom sides, overlaid with a 30-Point Star, topped with a 1-3/4 inch high, helmet-smashing 'Tang-Spike' (as Shown in the Photos Below) ~ The Base of the Hilt (below the Quillons) is Mounted with Two, 2-3/4 inch long, Silver-Inlaid Languets (one on each side of the Blade), that served a dual purpose; (1) They helped to secure the Sword in the Scabbard. (2) A Good Swordsmen could often catch the Opponent's Blade in one of the Languets and with a quick twist of his wrist, either flip the Sword out of the enemy's hand, or break their Blade ~ This Beautiful, Extra-Long Sword Measures Approximately 39-1/2 inches long overall (straight-line measurements), with a 34 inch Very-Fine, Fullered, Kilig Blade that remains very-sharp ~ Top of Blade holds an edge that runs back 11 inches from the tip ~ This Very-Fine, Massive, Silver-Inlaid Sword would have been carried by a Large Size Warrior of High Standing and Wealth, and is the same style of Battle Sword used by the Muslims before,  during, and after the Crusades ~ ITEM # wea-162 ~ ($1,500.)  ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~




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