Weapons - Room 1 


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  EXTRAVAGANT, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO PERSIAN, GOLD-KOFTGARI INLAID  'TULWAR-of-ROYALTY' SWORD with GOLD-INLAID BLADE ~ Solid Steel Hilt that is Exquisitely Inlaid with Fine-Gold-Koftgari "Floral and Vine' Designs (as Shown in the Photos Below) ~ The Hilt is Mounted with a 3 inch Diameter Disc Pommel that is Inlaid with the same Gold Koftgari 'Floral & Vine' Pattern on the top and bottom sides; being overlaid on top with a 40-Point Gold-Inlaid 'Star', topped with a 1  inch Diameter, Gold-Inlaid Tang, mounted with a 1-3/4 inch high Helmet Smashing 'Tang-Spike' that is also Inlaid with Gold ~  Base of Hilt (below the Quillons) is Mounted with Two, 1-7/8 inch long Gold-Inlaid Languets (one on each side of the Blade), that served a dual purpose; (1) They helped to secure the Sword in the Scabbard. (2) A Good Swordsmen could often catch the Opponent's Blade in one of the Languets and with a quick twist of his wrist, either flip the Sword out of the enemy's hand, or break their Blade ~ The Blade is almost Entirely Engraved and Inlaid with Gold with a series of various Animals, Warrior Scenes, and Foliage running down Both Sides of the Curved Blade (with Different Designs on each side) ~ Measuring Approximately 34 inches long overall (Straight-Line Measurements), with a 29-1/2 inch long Blade that remains very-sharp ~  ITEM # wea-120~ ($2,500.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


MAGNIFICENT, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, PERSIAN GOLD-MOUNTED 'HORSE-HEAD' KILIG - SHAMSHIR 'EXECUTIONER'S SWORD with Knuckle-Bow Guard, with Gold-Inlaid Fully-Scriptured Blade (on both-sides) ~ Measuring 33-1/2" Long (straight-line measurements), with a 1-3/4" Wide x 29" Long 'T'-Spined Blade ~ ITEM # wea-054 ~ ($2,750.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~ 




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