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RARE, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO-PERSIAN 'HOODED' ARMOUR-PIERCING KATAR DAGGER, Measuring 13-7/8 inches long ~ mx-564 ~ ITEM #wea-05 ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


AUTHENTIC, ANCIENT, INDO-PERSIAN, KATAR 'Thrusting Dagger' ~  Measuring Approximately 14 inches long, with a 6-1/2 inch  Blade ~ with Armour-Piercing Tip ~ Most Historians Agree that the Katar was the first Dagger invented in all of Indo Persia ~  mx-861 ~ ITEM # wea-12 ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


VERY-OLD, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO-PERSIAN, ARMOUR-PIERCING, KATAR DAGGER ~ Historians state that the Katar Dagger is the first Knife/Dagger invented throughout all of Indo-Persia. It made a very-deadly weapon, with it's twin side-bars protecting the wrist from being slashed by an opponents weapon. Being griped securely, with the hand wrapped around the twin center bars, it delivered a powerful thrust that could penetrate armour, especially with it's 'fortified' tip ~ Measuring Approximately 15-3/8 inches long, with a 9-1/4 inch Armour-Piercing, Double-Edge Blade reinforced with a center Ridge on both sides ~ mx-002 ~ ITEM #wea-276 ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE OTTOMAN SILVER NIELLO KINDJAL DAGGER - with Hallmark / Maker Marked ~ Measuring 13-5/8 inches long, with a 9-3/16 inch Double-Fullered Blade ~ mx-372 ~ ITEM # wea-153 ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


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