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These Are Original & Authentic Antiques ~ Not Reproductions  ~

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NICE, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO-PERSIAN Steel DHAL SHIELD ~ Engraved, with traces of Silver Koftgari designs still remaining ~ Mounted with Riveted, Reinforced Rolled Steel Rim ~ Measuring 14 inches in Diameter  mx-442 ~ ITEM # arm-032 ~ ($650.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


FANTASTIC, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, INDO PERSIAN Steel DHAL SHIELD ~ with the surface being Profusely Engraved with Fine Chiseled, Decorative Designs that are Inlaid with Gold & Silver Koftgari ~ Mounted with a Riveted, Reinforced 'Scalloped' outer Rim designed for stopping arrows ~ with Original Cloth Backing on reverse ~ Measuring Approximately 14-1/16 inches in Diameter ~ mx-1331 ~ ITEM # arm-065 ~ ($1,550.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


ELABORATE, LARGE, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, PERSIAN, BATTLE / WAR DHAL SHIELD ~ Beautifully Detailed with Ultra-Fine Chiseled Engraving throughout ~ Decorative wide outer band around Shield Engraved with Persian Inscriptions, with the remaining portion of the surface being profusely Chiseled with Flora patters ~ Mounted with a Riveted, Rolled-Brass outer Rim ~ Measuring Approximately 18-1/2 inches in Diameter ~ mx-0001 ~ ITEM # arm-098 ~ ($2,500.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


FANTASTIC, LARGE, AUTHENTIC, VERY HEAVY-DUTY, PROFUSELY ENGRAVED, ANTIQUE, INDO PERSIAN BATTLE DHAL SHIELD ~ Surface being almost Entirely Finely-Engraved with "Going-to-War" Procession Scenes; with 5 War Elephants, a Camel, and 3 Horses (all mounted with riders), Chariot, Carts, & War Wagon (as shown in Photos Provided Below)  ~ in between the 3 inch Diameter Decorative 'Scalloped' and Engraved Bosses (that have 'cut-out' designs), are a Tiger, Lion, and Antelope ~ A Decorative wide, outer band with Engraved Foliage & Flora designs ~ Mounted with a Riveted, 'Scalloped' outer Rim which was designed to help 'catch' arrows (dropping them harmlessly to the ground, preventing them from deflecting into comrades positioned on either side) ~ Measuring Approximately 18 inches in Diameter ~ Weighing over 5 Pounds (Approximately 2.4 kilos) ~ mx-784 ~ ITEM # arm-101 ~ ($2,500.) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


RARE, LARGE, MAGNIFICENT, AUTHENTIC, ANCIENT, PERSIAN GOLD INLAID, HAND-SCULPTURED DAMASCENE DHAL SHIELD ~ The entire surface is entirely  hand-chiseled-sculptured with fine detail revealing battle and royalty hunting scenes that are highlighted with Gold; including  two different scenes showing two Kings (wearing crowns) mounted on horseback spearing a lion with long trident spears; with two other separate scenes of two helmeted warriors with Shamshir Swords 'crossed' overhead engaging each other in combat; with four other scenes of horse mounted warriors with bow & arrows shooting at other mounted warriors holding a shield and welding swords; another showing a horse mounted helmeted warrior with a falcon perched upon his left arm,  scenes of lions chasing & attacking gazelle and antelope; and other sculptured scenes of various temples and buildings, and floral designs.  Persian Scripture completely inlaid with Gold Inlaid within a circle at the very center, and a 1-3/4 inch wide circular band of Persian Scripture running entirely along the outer border that is also almost entirely Gold-Inlaid with the exception of one area showing wear from being carried.  This Shield has a rather high-dome center area, with all four scalloped-flanged bosses  also inlaid with Gold,   firmly intact, with mounting loops on the backside ~ With a Rolled, Steel Rim ~ This lovely Shield has a rich dark brown patina, and still retains the red cloth with some padding on the back,  which is somewhat rare for shields of the age ~ Measuring Approximately 21 inches in Diameter ~ mx-0001 ~ ITEM # arm-022 ~ ($100,000.)  ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


 ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE, PERSIAN, Steel DHAL SHIELD ~ With five "Sun of Splendor" Bosses radiating Gold Koftgari 'Sun-Beams', with pairs of Gold-inlaid 'Angels' holding a Gold Crown in between each 'Sun' ~ The center section is profusely decorated with a tightly chiseled foliate design incorporating Gold Koftgari  Figures ~ Encircling the center are four bands ~ three narrow Decorative ones and a wide one containing Persian Inscriptions ~ This Shield obviously belonged to a Noble of High Standing ~ Mounted with a Riveted, Rolled-Brass Rim ~ Measuring Approximately 20 inches in Diameter ~ mx-4523 ~ ITEM # arm-023 ~ (Not For Sale at this time) ~ (See Matching Helmet in Room 1) ~ Additional Photos Provided Below ~


NOTE: Additional Armour Helmets, Body Armour, Etc. are Shown in the 'Militaria' Gallery 


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