EST. 1976  

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For Over 40-Years The Great NorthWest Trading Company has Specialized in Dealing with Fine & Unique Art, Ancient & Antique Armour & Weapons, Artifacts, Regalia, Attire, Exotic Jewelry, & Many Other Rare, Fine, & Unique Items Pertaining to various Cultures from Around the World ~ including Western Americana (Native American, Cowboy and Other Old~West Related, Mexican Vaquero, U.S. Cavalry and Antique Militaria), Spanish & Spanish Colonial, Persian & Indo-Persian, French, German, Italian & Other European, South American, Asian, African, Egyptian, Roman, and Others ~  

We Specialize In:

Ancient, Authentic, Silver, Bronze & Copper Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins & Other Rare, Primitive African / Tuareg Bronze Currency * ~  * Medieval Knight, Spanish & Western Cowboy Spurs, Stirrups * ~ * Antique Gold & Silver Inlaid Persian Armour ~ Char-aina (Body Armour), Helmets,  Shields, Swords, Daggers, Morning Stars / Maces, Scepters, and Other Rare, One-of-a-Kind Authentic Items ~ Including a set of Authentic, Antique, Medieval Cavalry Chain-Mail Body Armour  * ~ * European Armour & Weapons including Helmets, Cuirasses, Shields, Cavalry/Dragoon Spurs & Stirrups, Short Swords, Long Swords, and a few Other Very Unique Items ~ Ornate Ancient & Antique Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Turkish, etc. Bronze Oil Lamps, AQUILAS / Brass Eagles, Coin-Silver Coptic  Cross Necklace Jewelry with Old, Original Glass Trade Beads, * ~ * Antique, Ornate Pirate Flasks and Brass Medallions from the Ivory Coast of Africa ~ as well as a Superb Collection of Old, Authentic, African, Hand Carved Wood, Tribal Ceremonial Masks, Granary Doors, Headrest, & Other Exotic Carvings ~ and Hand-Woven Textiles ~ * ~ Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind, Hand-Made, Ethnic Jewelry ~ Created with Antique, Amber, Glass, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass, & Bone Trade Beads,  Old West Traditional  Beadwork, Civil War & Indian War ~ U.S. Cavalry & Militaria Accoutrements, &  Other Old~West Related Items * ~ * Vintage, Traditional Archery Items, and Many, Many Other Fine-Quality - ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC ~ HARD-TO-FIND ITEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD !!!!



Joseph Otter Bear Wood - Chief Ambassador

Joseph (outlined above) was attached to ACU-1 (Assault Craft Unit) aboard the USS Ogden while participating in 'Iraq Freedom'... and later attached to the USS Peleliu while serving on various Humanitarian Missions in the Pacific including Vietnam, The Philippines, New Guinea, Guatemala, etc.

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 Security, Basic Correspondence, Receiving, Shipping, and the main Craftsman Manufacturer of our Aquila Archery Arrow Wooden Caddys and Racks... all of which are conducted by Naiches Toyea ~ a Chiricahua Apache ~ ... who will not allow us to take his photo to post on this site... as he believes as many of the old traditional Native Americans believe... in not wanting his Spirit to be captured by the process...  Naiches is kind enough to provide us with a Photo of his Great, Great Grandfather ~ former U.S. Indian Scout during the 1880's - Arizona Campaign ~ (indicated with arrow in photo shown above), to represent him instead.


Denise Wylie ~ Owner, Designer & Artist of Denise's Gallery

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****  From the Denise's Gallery Collection ****

ANTIQUE Glass, Bronze, Silver & Amber TRADE BEADS  

Part of our COPTIC CROSS Collection

Antique U.S. CAVALRY & MILITARIA Regalia & Accoutrements 

 Photos Below Show Some of our AFRICAN Artifacts

From our Roman Legion Collection


 Full Line of U.S.A. Hand-Made Wooden Arrow Caddies & Display Racks



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